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Description of Department

The Utility Authority was created via Tribal Resolution NO. 44-1205-2017.  Council adopted the Utility Authority Ordinance via Resolution NO. 28-1223-2019 which created a Utility Authority Board to have direct oversight and regulation of all utilities operated and managed by the UA. 

Services Provided

The Utility Authority is formed exclusively for public purposes to assist the Pueblo in performing essential governmental functions of developing, improving, operating, and maintaining utility systems, including: (1) water systems; (2) wastewater systems; (3) solid waste disposal systems; and (4) other utility infrastructure, within and adjacent to the Pueblo of Tesuque.

Contact Information

Utility Director, Barbara Coulter,, 505-470-0473

Utility Manager, Bernard Mora,, 505-365-3428

Utility Operator, Clifford Moquino,, 505-660-8194

Administrative and Billing Specialist, Stephanie Leno

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