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Tribal Courts

The Tribal Courts have jurisdiction over all Civil and Criminal matters that are consistent with the inherent sovereignty of the Pueblo of Tesuque.

The Pueblo of Tesuque Tribal Court shall have general civil and criminal jurisdiction over all matters arising under Tribal Law and shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear appeals from final administrative judgements and decision of departments, commissions, agencies, and other administrative bodies of the Pueblo as authorized by the Law-and-Order Code.

Civil jurisdiction may be exercised over all parties in all actions or matters arising on, or causing a foreseeable affect on, the Reservation and over all actions and matters arising under Tribal Law.

Criminal jurisdiction may be exercised over all criminal actions in which an Indian is alleged to have violated the criminal provision of the Law and Order Code, Tribal Council Resolutions, and Executive Orders of the Pueblo, and over non-Indians who are in violation of laws for which the Court has Special Tribal Criminal Jurisdiction under the Violence Against Women Act

The Pueblo of Tesuque Traditional Court shall have jurisdiction over all matters arising under or involving questions concerning the customs and traditions of the Pueblo. The Traditional Court shall have complete discretion to invoke its jurisdiction over any such matter and may do so upon its own initiative or upon the request of any person.

Attorneys who wish to practice in Tribal Court should contact the Court for requirements.

Court staff are prohibited from giving legal advice to anyone.

Payments may be made by credit or debit card over the phone by calling 505-365-0199 or by mail or delivery of money order or cashier’s check. Please include case number with payment.

General Information

Filing Fee: $30

Clerk Window Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Closed on Federal Holidays and Tribal Administration Closures

Physical and Mailing Address:

3 TP 830

Santa Fe, NM 87506


Tribal Court Phone Number:

Main line: 505-709-1322

Court Administrator: 505-365-0199

Probation: 505-709-1260

Fax Number: 505-989-5037


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