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The mission of the Realty Department is to protect, preserve and manage the Tribe’s Real Estate while providing assistance and guidance to the Pueblo of Tesuque and its Tribal Members on Land Use, Real Property, Assignments, Leases & Purchases for the benefit of the Pueblo as a whole.

Scope of Work

  • To protect, preserve and manage the Tribe’s Real Estate more specifically, Land.


  • To utilize the Land in the most effective manner deriving, gaining financial and economic benefits for the Tribe.


  • Protect, manage and administer the Land within the Tesuque Pueblo Land Grant.


  • Updating and recording all individual land assignments, processing land transfers, etc.


  • Develop and prepare Real Estate documents such as grants of easement, right of ways, land assignments, staging site permits, utility service line agreements, leases, etc.,


  • Maintain a record storage system for all land documents.


  • Provide technical assistance to the Governor, Tribal Council and tribal members in resolving land and other real estate issues.


Contact Information

Brenda M. Atencio, Director

Phone: (505) 709-1282

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