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He Ka Po Program



Welcome to the Pueblo of Tesuque’s Taytsugeh Oweengeh He Ka Po Program.

The He ka po program will provide youth the opportunity to invest in themself, their family, and their future, so the YOUTH can make the necessary changes to re-balance their life and move forward in a positive manner.

A Youth Guide/Mentor/juvenile Prevention Officer (JPO) will directly supervise the case while youth are in the program.  The youth will comply with the treatment plan that is developed for them by the Wellness Committee (WC) and follow the instructions given to them by WC members.

Mission Statement: The He Ka Po Program will integrate the traditional values of the Pueblo of Tesuque in its juvenile justice system to assist with prevention and protection of the community from public safety issues, reduce the criminal recidivism of juveniles, and create wrap around services for youth in the program.

Vision Statement: The He Ka Po program will unify cultural tradition and western medicine to help heal the youth participant’s behavior, and support their spiritual, mental, physical, social, and educational health, so that they can be caring, positive role models for future generations.


The He Ka Po is a four-phase, twelve-month intervention program for youth in the community or involved with the Pueblo of Tesuque Tribal Court or Social Services.  There are specific goals and activities required in each phase.  Once all the phase requirements are accomplished one section, the next phase will start.

Program components include substance abuse and mental health screening, assessment and referral for education or treatment; intensive supervision; group meetings; random drug and alcohol testing; regular court appearances; and immediate sanctions and incentives.

The key to the He Ka Po program and success is the youth’s motivation for change and the Wellness Committee approach.   The YOUTH is the main team member.  We will be working closely with the youth to help make positive changes in their life.

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