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Welcome to the Human Resources Department for the Pueblo of Tesuque. Our mission is to enhance the value and productivity of the Pueblos most valuable assets, our employees. We are responsible for recruiting, engaging, and developing the Pueblo’s workforce to meet the expectations and service needs of the community.  

The Human Resources Department also advises the Governor, Tribal Council, Department Directors, supervisors, and employees on issues of compensation, benefits, recruitment and selection, human resource compliance, and workers compensation.  

The Human Resources Department provides a wide range of services to support the Pueblo employees, departments, and their functions, including:

  • Employee Benefits and Compensation 

  • Human Resources Compliance

  • Recruiting

  • Personnel Policies and Procedures

  • Record Keeping

  • Training and Development

  • Performance Management

  • Safety

How To Apply:

All applicants seeking employment with the Pueblo of Tesuque are required to complete a Pueblo Employment Application Form, and in some cases also submit a resume with references. You may download our employment application, or you may pick one up in person from the reception desk at the Administration Building located at 20 TP 828, Santa Fe, NM 87506.

Applicants are encouraged to regularly check our website for current Employment Opportunities.  All Employment Opportunities are also posted on (what do we call the TV) at the Administration Buildings.  

If you have questions regarding any part of the application process, you may contact Yolanda Smith, Human Resources Director, at 505-709-1269.

Resume/Application Mailing Address

Attn: Human Resources Department

         20 TP 828

         Santa Fe, NM 87506     


- or -

Email your completed Employment Application and resume to: 

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