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The Pueblo of Tesuque Tribal Council created the Pueblo of Tesuque Environment Department (PTED) in 1993 to protect, preserve, and enhance tribal natural resources for current and future tribal members.   PTED over the years has developed the following programs included in environmental health and ecosystem management.  

DENR Program Chart.jpg

In 2017, the Environment Department changed the title to the Pueblo of Tesuque Department of Environment and Natural Resources (PTDENR).  


Manage the Pueblo’s natural resources for long term system health, biodiversity, sustainability, and resiliency.

Surface Water

Pueblo of Tesuque was granted Treatment as State in 1995 and adopted Water Quality Standards in 1996. Staff conducts water quality monitoring at 8 sampling locations weekly/monthly and performs water quality assessments annually on the Rio Tesuque, Rio Chupadero, and Rio En Medio.  

Water Rights

Pueblo of Tesuque is a part of the Aamodt Settlement Agreement. PTDENR collaborates with the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR), US Geological Survey (USGS) and the NM Office of the State Engineer (NMOSE) to monitor stream diversions and the development of the Pojoaque Basin Regional Water System (PBRWS).


PTDENR tracks wildlife movement through the Pueblo and recently completed a Mule deer collaring project. The Biologist works closely with the Forestry Crew on projects that encourage growth of native species and wildlife habitat.

Forestry and Fire

PTDENR received a Reserved Treaty Rights Lands (RTRL) grant through the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and performs forest treatments (thinning, hazardous fuels reduction, and the removal of invasive species). The Department acquired a Type 6 Wildland fire engine (E1680) in 2019, and nine staff members are certified wildland firefighters. The Pueblo of Tesuque wildland firefighters are called to prescribed burns across the state and were integral in fighting the Medio Fire in 2019. PTDENR forestry staff organizes the sale of firewood to community members each fall/winter.

Underground Storage Tanks (UST)

PTDENR performs monthly walk-throughs at the Camel Rock Valero gas station and ensures the Underground Storage Tanks are in compliance.

Outreach and Collaboration

PTDENR welcomes the opportunities to share our knowledge and show the community what we do!  In the past, PTDENR has participated in the Native Fish in the Classroom program and worked closely with the Santa Fe Indian School.


Utilize funding from federal agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), Bureau of Reclamation (BOR), Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), Forest Service (USFS), Department of Energy (DOE), and private entities to carryout projects for the benefit of the Pueblo.  


Vacant, Director                                              505-303-1566

Alice Baca, Grants Coordinator                      505-955-7741     

Ryan Swazo-Hinds, Environmental Biologist  505-709-1294

Sophie Stauffer, Water Quality Specialist       505-709-1279

Michael Martinez, RTRL Coordinator              505-709-1297

Joseph Abeyta, Water Quality Technician      505-709-1281 

Chris Tafoya, Lead Forestry Technician          505-955-7741     

Aaron Lujan, Forestry Technician

Corey Garcia, Forestry Technician

Redhorse Blackelk Jim, Forestry Technician

Joshua Dasheno, Forestry Technician

Leonard Pino, Forestry Technician

Gerald Day, Forestry Technician

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